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Montepio Rainha D. Leonor is a Mutual Benefit Association, founded on 11 March 1860 and has its headquarters in Caldas da Rainha.

Open in new windowOpen in new windowEm 1862 began its associative activity, with the name of Montepio Caldense with health protection and loans to members, to support the construction and repair of houses, existing loans records (borrowed capital) from 1863 to 1895, year where it is accepted has been abandoned this perk to members.
In 1864 Montepio Caldense admitted a private doctor and in 1893 changes its name to Association of Mutual Aid Rainha D. Leonor, and in 1933 passed to have two doctors.

In 1936 born the idea of ​​creating a House of Health and in 1937 it opened its own headquarters, built through the efforts of members who have joined a committee appointed Pro-building, incorporated in 1922.

In 1938 born the idea of ​​buying a RX system and are admitted to medical specialists in otolaryngology and ophthalmology.

In 1940 they are mounted two wards (one for each sex), as the preamble to the future House of Health and in 1942 inaugurated the RX service is performed the first surgery in 1947 and is officially opened the Nursing home.

In 1948 the Bank inaugurated service with 24 hours of daily operation, open to the community.

In 1953 was made the project for the new building, which came to be opened in 1960, the date on which celebrated the first centenary of the Association, which is equipped with new building block operative rooms and wards, etc. Today Montepio is bestowed by the President of the Republic, with the Commendation of the Order of benevolence.

In 1973 it opened the Ultrasound Service and in 1982 the Digestive Endoscopy Service.

In 1995 it inaugurated the Center of Support for the Elderly Dr. Ernesto Moreira and in 1998 starts to work UDTO (Unit Diagnosis and Treatment Ophthalmology).

The May 15, 2011, Montepio opened its latest project, the Residential Montepio Condo – assisted Residences, consisting of 96 fractions of apartments T1 and T0, in addition to still house the kitchen and the central institution of the Laundry .

It is still in the development phase one construction project of a new clinic, which will be located in the current parking space and where will be transferred most of the services that are currently housed in the old building of the House Health, getting this Last destined eventually to a unit of Continuing Care.


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